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Origins of Yoga
Posted by Administrator on 4/19/2011 to article
The origins of Yoga are uncertain but the oldest archaeological evidence found, dating from around 3000 BC, was found in stone stamps which contained pictures of yoga positions belonging to the civilizations of the Indus Valley and Saraswati.
Yoga and Sex: Why They Actually Go Hand in Hand
Posted by Administrator on 4/13/2011 to Yoga
The art of Yoga has continuously piqued the interest of hundreds of health aficionados all across the world. The benefits of Yoga on a person's overall health and physique are well known, and everyone can attest to the amazing effects and results this form of exercise brings. However, Yoga is more than just for the physical...
Learn: All About Hatha Yoga
Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2011 to Yoga
The ancient Hindu approach to working with the human nervous system, involves Hatha yoga. Presently within the twenty-first century, all too many people, including those who are yoga teachers, see the respected physical science as exclusively relating to individuals health and vitality for their body and mind. In one respect, it does involve this, but additionally includes so much more...
Intro to Yoga Postures
Posted by Administrator on 4/7/2011 to Yoga
There are quite a few different yoga postures you can choose from. It is a good idea to take your own level of fitness into consideration. There are some basic postures that you want to start with. Once you have mastered them you can move on to those that are more advanced. With a good variety of them you will never get bored either. Of course you will find some yoga postures you prefer over others and that is fine too.
Choosing the Right Yoga Mat
Posted by Administrator on 4/5/2011 to Shopping
Yoga is a wonderful and popular exercise that requires very little equipment and virtually no room to perform. One of the only things that a yoga practitioner needs - especially if he or she is going to take a formal yoga class - is a yoga mat. The mat will provide a comfortable, cushioned surface.
Green Tea and Itís Endless Health Benefits
Posted by Administrator on 4/5/2011 to Health

All about natural green tea and the benefits it provides

Most of us have heard at least some of the buzz surrounding the use of green tea as not only a tasty beverage, but a healing remedy and overall health boost in general. The question is, is all of this true and if so how exactly does it work? With advertisers everywhere claiming that their product has impossibly amazing health benefits, it's important to ask what makes Green Tea any different from the rest, why is it that this tea is considered so powerful to so many cultures?

Yoga for New Moms
Posted by Administrator on 4/2/2011 to Yoga
Most people are at least somewhat aware of the physical benefits that practicing any type of yoga can pose. It can help to create a sense of balance and stability as well as create flexibility and strength from the inside out. Yoga helps to strengthen all of the muscles and the systems that are of the utmost importance in the human body, and this is not only beneficial for adults-it can benefit infants as well.
Yoga and Anxiety
Posted by Administrator on 4/1/2011 to Yoga
One huge concern in todayís world is anxiety as the physicians continue to say that every major health problem is caused by anxiety itself ranging from any of the heart diseases to hypertension and the increase of blood sugar. Yoga is something than can help to reduce anxiety and make our lives stress free in spite of everything that we go through every day.
Yoga Success Starts With Equipment
Posted by Administrator on 4/1/2011 to Shopping
As most of us have heard, yoga is a mind and body freeing exercise routine that is put in place to help keep you fit, relaxed, and in-tune with your mind and body. Through doing yoga, many people realize many things and most people gain a better sense of self awareness and even some valuable coping skills that can help in the fire and noise of the real world.

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