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3 Ways Yoga Can Benefit the Businessperson
Posted by Administrator on 2/27/2011 to Yoga
Despite the fact that Yoga has immeasurable health benefits, it would be difficult to convince a businessman to take Yoga classes. This is due to the complexity of the nature of his work. That not withstanding lets look at three major benefits of Yoga and how suitable they are to a businessperson.
History of Yoga
Posted by Administrator on 2/25/2011 to Yoga
With Yoga becoming more and more popular each day one gets curious about the history of Yoga. Yoga originated in the Indus Valley Civilization, former India and dates back to 3000 B.C. It was there that the Yogis, those who practice Yoga strictly, followed this path of unification of the mind, body and the soul. They believed that Yoga is not just a physical exercise in any sense of the term but rather a way to enlightenment and a path that leads to God, the Eternal Being.
The Yoga Postures Breakdown
Posted by on 2/17/2011 to Yoga
Most people have heard about yoga by now, itís becoming a huge trend in physical fitness and for good reason. Yoga is not only a good exercise routine, but for most it tends to be a huge form of stress relief and can leave you feeling revived and rejuvenated. The endless postures involved in yoga keep it progressive, easy to practice at home, and never boring. What weíre going to do is give you a basic overview of which stances you should be progressing through at your experience level in yoga. Knowing the basics of yoga postures can be extremely beneficial. Knowing when to move on can be difficult too, but if you find your mind wandering in boredom, you know itís time to level up.
Nude Yoga: Practice the Ancient Art of Yoga in the Buff
Posted by Administrator on 2/16/2011 to Yoga
Yoga is about freedom of movement, freedom of thought, and the flow of energy. It only makes sense that a person would want to perform this art in their most natural state, and that is how nude yoga came to pass. It is possible that this practice originally began with a person who took it upon themselves to practice nude yoga in the privacy of their own homes, and somehow or another this practice made it out into the mainstream yoga world.
Relax and Wind Down With Yoga
Posted by Administrator on 2/7/2011 to Yoga
It is a very well known assumption that yoga helps a great deal with stress management and stress relief. This is a very true fact for most, and in most cases yoga can improve your life on various levels and with various uses and can dramatically decrease stress in anyoneís life. Ridding your life of stress can be a huge blessing, and while something as simple as yoga cannot take away all stress, as stress is a natural thing, yoga can help you manage it and cope with it.
Yoga Benefits Everyone
Posted by Administrator on 2/3/2011 to Yoga
Yoga offers plenty of benefits for a person both physically and mentally. Most of us arenít as flexible as we would like to be. That is one of the main yoga benefits; your body is more limber. This can help you to achieve more with various types of exercise. It can also reduce the risk of serious injuries occurring. This is because your joints and tendons will be worked and better lubricated than before. The muscles will then become stronger and more toned.

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