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Yoga and Sex: Why They Actually Go Hand in Hand
Posted by Administrator on 4/13/2011 to Yoga

The art of Yoga has continuously piqued the interest of hundreds of health aficionados all across the world. The benefits of Yoga on a person's overall health and physique are well known, and everyone can attest to the amazing effects and results this form of exercise brings. However, Yoga is more than just for the physical. Many would be surprised to know that Yoga can also bring astounding improvements to one's sex life.

Yoga and sex are, in fact, a match made in heaven. Both activities are carried out in a careful and artistic manner and hold many similarities. Yoga demands and cultivates in its practitioners a high level or concentration and sensitivity to one's surroundings, increased physical agility, and continuous mental awareness. Once you can combine all these elements smoothly into your Yoga workouts, you are sure to attain a successful and fulfilling routine, both physically and mentally. The same is also true when it comes to sexual activity, as it calls on both partners to be agile, mentally alert, and sensitive to each other's movements in order to obtain the most pleasure. In Yoga, one thinks of the practice as a sacred, special time and if the same outlook is transferred and applied to sex, it brings great improvements to each sexual experience.

So what are some of the ways that Yoga can improve one's sex life? Here are a few reasons why the two make such a perfect pair:

  1. Yoga focuses on how people feel. When it comes to sex, let's face it: most people don't pay attention to the overall feeling of intimacy. Instead, most will be preoccupied with worrying about how they look, or what their partners will think of them. In practicing Yoga, you can learn to let go of all anxieties and fears and instead focus on responding and enjoying each and every sensation. You also better understand and learn how to be more sensitive and alert to your partners movements and actions.
  2. Enhanced energy levels. Practicing Yoga results in gaining better endurance and harnessing more energy. This allows you enjoy your sexual activities longer and perform better each and every time.
  3. Improve fitness. Yoga greatly benefits overall fitness, balance, and posture, aside from having positive effects on endurance and strength. Muscles are also better toned with practice and better toned muscled respond better during sexual activity.
  4. More sex positions. Yoga cultivates flexibility and strength. with this, you and your partner can explore new positions you might never have considered before. With the proper toning and practice, you're sure to be able to achieve those that seemed impossible before.
  5. Better orgasms. Your pelvic muscles have a direct connection to your orgasms and Yoga can greatly improve the condition of these muscles, as well as your sex organs. With this increased strength comes better relieved muscles and improves flexibility.

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