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Yoga and Anxiety
Posted by Administrator on 4/1/2011 to Yoga

One huge concern in today’s world is anxiety as the physicians continue to say that every major health problem is caused by anxiety itself ranging from any of the heart diseases to hypertension and the increase of blood sugar. Yoga is something than can help to reduce anxiety and make our lives stress free in spite of everything that we go through every day.

Anxiety disorder in something that is very common in men and women these days and even the young ones are suffering from feelings of tension, worry and constant fear which is not right, neither for the physical condition of the person nor for the psychological health of the individual. There are many sorts of developmental, environmental, genetic and psychological factors that come together to create feelings of anxiety within the mind.

Recent medical studies and conducted researches clearly show that regularly practicing Yoga reduces the level of stress and therefore anxiety. When an individual meditates and focuses on the various bodily postures, as is important in Yoga, he or she is able to release the body of all its tension and make the mind calm by breathing in deep. The calming effect of this particular exercising method called Yoga also eliminates negative thinking from the mind and also helps to get rid of fatigue, heart palpitations, depression and much more.

The various poses of Yoga like the Child, Crocodile, Shavasana, the seated forward bend, the supine bound angle pose – all of these helps to calm down the body and the mind and therefore bring relief to the person from excessive feelings of irritability, fear and other such negative emotions. Yoga helps to bring back balance of the nervous system as well as the endocrine system and it is these two systems that regulate the emotional health within our body.

The prayer squat, half circle, the standing angle, the supine bound angle, the seated twist, the knee down twist, the prayer twist and many of these Yoga poses helps to regulate the positive emotions and eliminates the negative ones. When one is suffering from symptoms of agitation, restlessness, cravings, impatience, insomnia and other such ailments Yoga should be the regular exercise method that he ought to adopt in order to practice slow and deep breathing and thus calm down gradually. Yoga, with the help of regular meditation, reduces frustrations, depression, tension, worry and fear.

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