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Women Yoga Clothes
Posted by Administrator on 2/12/2012 to Shopping

Women Yoga Clothes

Different Types of Yoga

Before you start to buy women yoga clothes, it's helpful to take a look at all the different types of yoga that are out there. The best clothes for your yoga practice will depend on the type of yoga that you are practicing, because some will require you to have a greater freedom of movement than others. Temperature is another important factor to consider. For example, Bikram yoga is a practice that is performed in 105 degree heat with 40% humidity. As a result, it's best not to wear yoga clothing that is too heavy for this particular type of yoga. On the other hand, Hatha yoga is focused on gentle, slow positioning, and may be best in comfortable, full-length yoga pants.

Another type of yoga that you can choose to practice is Vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga. This type of yoga is good for fat-burning because it keeps you moving fairly constantly throughout the session. Women yoga clothes for Vinyasa could include loose, flowing clothing to keep up with these movements. Another option is Kundalini yoga, which is a type of energy work relating to the area around your core and lower spine. Because you will be performing strengthening exercises, you can expect this type of yoga to be a strong workout.

One of the most demanding forms of yoga is Ashtanga, also called power yoga. It is not suitable for beginners, and you will want to be sure to wear women yoga clothes that allow you to twist, turn, and hold complicated poses for lengthy periods of time. It's helpful to try on your clothes and perform a few poses in the fitting room before you buy them to get ready for your practice. Another physically demanding type is Iyengar yoga, which involves the use of blocks, straps, harnesses, and other props to help you reach more complicated positioning.

Prenatal yoga is ideal for mothers to be, but you will also need to find maternity women yoga clothes. Fortunately, because a great deal of yoga clothes are fairly loose-fitting to begin with, many of them can easily be adapted for prenatal yoga. For a relaxing end to your workday, you can look at Restorative yoga. This is a class that is focused entirely on relaxation, and will help you collect your thoughts and unwind as you stretch your body while wearing comfortable, soft clothing for best results.



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