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What makes clothing good for Yoga?
Posted by Administrator on 10/4/2012 to Shopping

What makes clothing good for Yoga?

One word needs to be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about purchasing some clothes specifically for your yoga class and that is “comfortable.” This means not too tight so as your movements are restricted but equally, nor should your garments be too loose, the last thing you want it the clothing inadvertently getting in the way either.

If you are shopping for some yoga apparel, remember to take some time out to try on the clothes in the store. This gives you a chance not only to check the fit and the overall comfort factor but actually “move” in the clothes. Bend and stretch, see how much movement the clothes afford when you bend, stretch, stand or while sitting. How well do the clothes mould to your own body contours, how much does the material relax or retain its shape?

Shopping is also about meeting our own personal tastes and ensuring that not only are the garments we choose for yoga comfortable and functional but that they also look good and suit us. Below are some top pointers by Yoga users about what to look for when shopping for your yoga clothes:

- They have to be comfortable.

- Clothing should not restrict movement or be too tight.

- It should fit properly to the body.

- The material must maintain the sweat and reduce the growth of bacteria.

- The clothing should suit your personal tastes (colour and style)

- Buy good quality clothing, it will last longer and serve you well during yoga activity

- The best deals and selections are usually found online.

Luckily sportswear brands have now realized that women and men enjoy the many benefits of practicing yoga and that it is becoming more popular than ever. Also that those of us attending yoga class want to be both comfortable but that we also like to look good. Increasingly clothing ranges are becoming available that are designed for yoga attendance.

Many sports ranges now have clothing that is designed to appeal to those of us who participate in yoga classes. If you check in your sports section there is a type of clothing that is commonly called “dry fit”, the fabric is so named because it absorbs sweat allowing more air to circulate. As evaporation is much faster and does not end up leaving us or our clothes soaked. This can be great for things such as hot yoga as an example. The material used is flexible and offers great ease of movement.

To do yoga, many experts concur that the best garments to choose are those made from natural fibres such as cotton. These garments tend to be lightweight and they allow you to take different positions to exercise without restricting your natural movement. Remember the practice of yoga is best when the movements can be done easily and never hindered. The quality of yoga clothes becomes evident throughout the course of a class, the good yoga apparel always hold their shape during class, usually offering a perfect fit.

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