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The Yoga Postures Breakdown
Posted by on 2/17/2011 to Yoga

Most people have heard about yoga by now, itís becoming a huge trend in physical fitness and for good reason. Yoga is not only a good exercise routine, but for most it tends to be a huge form of stress relief and can leave you feeling revived and rejuvenated. The endless postures involved in yoga keep it progressive, easy to practice at home, and never boring. What weíre going to do is give you a basic overview of which stances you should be progressing through at your experience level in yoga. Knowing the basics of yoga postures can be extremely beneficial. Knowing when to move on can be difficult too, but if you find your mind wandering in boredom, you know itís time to level up.

For The Newcomers or Beginners
Yoga can sometimes get confusing, but fear not, you have decided to go with a great choice when it comes to physical fitness. Yoga stretches the body, balances the mind, and keeps you fit and flexible without little effort or boredom. In the beginning it may seem difficult to get your body used to the various stretches and movements, but donít worry, overtime it gets easier and you should be feeling relaxed in no time. The most beneficial as well as common postures for you to look to in the beginning are the standing poses, seated poses, and passive up facing stretches.

Congrats on Making it to Round Two
Yoga for intermediate level participants is supposed to be a bit more challenging, a bit more interesting, and much more fun. By this point your body is meant to be warmed up to the traditions of yoga, and if you have moved on these wonít be too difficult for you to accomplish. By this point, yoga should be a regular part of your life, whether you are doing it weekly or daily, itís important to keep a routine. Intermediate level participants should have moved on to poses that require flexibility, strength, and most importantly balance. At this point there are a hugely wide range of poses; some easier while others more difficult. You should be adding arm balance with your beginning poses as well as increasing difficulty of most of your standing poses.

Expert Yoga Participant, Expert Exercise
The transitions in yoga take time for each person to complete. Every individual will take different amounts of time to progress to the advanced yoga postures, and everyone should spend a bit more time in intermediate than they did in beginner, however how long you spend on each level will vary and you should do whatís most comfortable for you. At this point your backbends as well as your arm inversions should be progressing, and you should be slowly getting better at finding your balance and level of security.

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