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The Effects Of Kirtan Kriya
Posted by Administrator on 6/16/2011 to Health

The Effects Of Kirtan Kriya

When it comes to the effects of Kirtan Kriya they are overwhelmingly positive. Life can become difficult and stressful so it is important for us to find an outlet to get rid of this. This is particularly necessary in the modern world which is often very busy and full of distractions which cause us to be constantly troubled and confused.

To carry out this simple exercise you need to be seated upright and the palms must face upwards. While you are doing this you should begin chanting Sa, Na, Ma, Ta which translates from Sanskrit to mean birth, life death and rebirth.

This helps you to connect with yourself on a spiritual level as you take part in a powerful form of contemplative meditation. It can be done in about twelve minutes and if you do it each day it will have noticeable positive effects on your health and well being, helping to align the mind, body and spirit.

While carrying out these simple actions you need to connect your index finger with your thumb on the first word then move up with each progressive finger to contemplate one overall cycle of the chant. This should be done at a slow pace and there is no need to rush it.

We generally have little time in which to catch our breath and focus on everything around us and be at peace with it. We can use breathing and chanting techniques in order to ground us sufficiently so that we can always stay in touch with our inner selves.

 By utilizing techniques of this sort we can improve everything from our sense of calm to the way our circulation works and how oxygen is transported to the brain. This in turn improves many of our functions and helps us to life a better life where we are both more focused and fulfilled.

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