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Organic Yoga Mats
Posted by Administrator on 7/19/2012 to Shopping
Yoga Mats

Organic Yoga Mats are becoming increasingly popular and come in a range of eco friendly materials as part of sustainable yoga practice. Many Organic yoga mats are made from natural materials, examples of this are 100% cotton and even cork yoga mats.
They work well across the many types of yoga practiced and an organic yoga mat can bring many additional benefits with it. As an example a 100% cotton organic yoga mat often offers a superior grip compared to its PVC counter parts.
The weave in an organic Yoga Mats tends to be quite coarse and can be wonderfully helpful in Ashtanga (sometimes called “hot”) Yoga where a good volume of sweating is required. With cotton yoga mat the grip with the rug actually intensifies as the mat gets wetter.
Yoga teachers and their yoga students tend to be more aware and in tune with their bodies and their environment and as such there tends to be a greater ecological awareness in these groups. Where organic yoga mats are available they are often preferred. As well as cotton another wonderful organic yoga mat can be made from Jute or 100% natural rubber, again this is a great environmental choice and the mats offer varying levels of thickness to offer very good support and release during postures from the hard floor below.
Another great solution for an organic mat is the cork yoga mat and these are lightweight as well as incredibly supportive, with excellent grip and very comfortable as well. Cork is not only natural but also includes great qualities such as breathability and they also work well to soak up perspiration from vigorous practice in an entirely natural way. There is not pooling of perspiration on the cork organic yoga mat surface so this eradicates the risk of slippage. Slipping during yoga is one of the main causes of injury and an organic yoga mat is body as well as eco friendly.
The cork yoga mat is not only very eco friendly but also anti-fungal, anti bacterial, anti static, sound absorbing, fire retardant and anti allergenic. As you can see it really ticks all the boxes for being a terrific choice. Organic yoga mats also are free of chemicals and that means that they are the absolute best possible choice for anyone who has sensitive skin as there are no harmful irritant used in their manufacture.
Most organic yoga mats are non toxic, sweat absorbent and biodegrable. That does not mean that they cannot be funky. They usually come in a range of colours and patterns that really make for an attractive and eco friendly yoga accessory.
If you want to respect and also feel more deeply connected to the earth then an organic yoga mat really is likely to be the top choice for you.

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