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Nude Yoga: Practice the Ancient Art of Yoga in the Buff
Posted by Administrator on 2/16/2011 to Yoga

Yoga is about freedom of movement, freedom of thought, and the flow of energy. It only makes sense that a person would want to perform this art in their most natural state, and that is how nude yoga came to pass. It is possible that this practice originally began with a person who took it upon themselves to practice nude yoga in the privacy of their own homes, and somehow or another this practice made it out into the mainstream yoga world.

Why Practice Nude Yoga?

There are many reasons why a person might want to get into nude yoga, but it is important to keep in mind that it isn't for everyone. People practice nude yoga for a variety of reasons, and everyone's reason is different. Some people get into it simply for the fact that they love the freedom of being nude, whether in public or in private.

Other people get into it as they want to try something new and different, and nude yoga seems to be the perfect way to get into such an alternative. There is certainly something to be said for the fact that note everybody who is into yoga practices nude yoga; it is like belonging to an exclusive club that not everybody can get into or even wants to.

People who share an interest in nude yoga have a great deal in common, and so many people who belong to nude yoga classes become fast friends-it is a great way to meet people and perhaps pick up a friend with a rare common interest that you can keep around for a long time.

Where to Get Nude Yoga Instruction

Nudity isn't for everyone, and for that reason nude yoga classes may be kind of hard to come by. Some people have to travel a bit further than they would like for a naked yoga class, but the benefits are well worth it for those who can get true enjoyment from it and are able to find the benefits. If it is not offered at your local community center, you may want to contact the owners and see if you can gather enough support from fellow yogis to get one started in your own community.

Is nude yoga for you? Perhaps, perhaps not. Nude yoga isn't for everyone but it is another way to be able to enjoy one of the most ancient forms of exercise in the world.

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