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Meditation The Mental Benefits of Yoga
Posted by Administrator on 6/10/2011 to Yoga

Meditation The Mental Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is not just a form of exercise.  It is also a state of mind.  This is what Patanjali, the man widely known as the founder of this philosophy, had envisioned for the discipline.  It was meant to be a path to God and enlightenment through the unification of the mental, physical, and spiritual states of being.  That is why there are many meditation poses and breathing exercises, to help practitioners reach the highest level of mental awareness, which is the act of self-realization.  To achieve this, you must not be distracted by other things that are in your surroundings, which is why these techniques promote one-mindedness.

Because in Yoga you learn to focus on one purpose, one goal, one of the benefits it offers is increased concentration.  The more you practice the different poses and postures, the more your concentration will improve.  It is not only the traditional meditation pose associated with the discipline, in which your legs are crossed Indian style with your arms across your legs and your eyes closed, that helps to improve your focus.  In most poses, you are instructed to focus in on the muscles that you are utilizing to form that pose.  Therefore, your mind should be active if you are doing the exercises properly, which will stimulate different areas of the brain and improve the functions associated with those areas.

Another mental benefit it offers is patience.  Maintaining the different postures and positions requires a fair amount of patience because you have to hold them for a certain length of time. This is especially true for meditation poses, which require you to sit still, stable and upright, for a long time.  It can also be difficult at first to get your body into some of these positions because your body is not flexible enough when you first begin, which can be frustrating.  To be able to form these yoga positions better, you have to practice them often.  Therefore, you will need patience to overcome your frustrations in order to be better at it. 

Another way that people can benefit from Yoga is relaxation.  Performing different poses, especially meditation poses, has a calming effect on the mind, which will in turn help you become less stressful.  Therefore, many people, after coming home from a long and hard day's work, use these techniques to help them calm down.  Many people also do different poses and positions before going to work in order to make them more productive during the day since doing them helps stimulate the mind. 

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