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Green Tea and Its Endless Health Benefits
Posted by Administrator on 4/5/2011 to Health

All about natural green tea and the benefits it provides

Most of us have heard at least some of the buzz surrounding the use of green tea as not only a tasty beverage, but a healing remedy and overall health boost in general. The question is, is all of this true and if so how exactly does it work? With advertisers everywhere claiming that their product has impossibly amazing health benefits, it's important to ask what makes Green Tea any different from the rest, why is it that this tea is considered so powerful to so many cultures?

The History

First and foremost, you have to take note that this form of tea has been used by many cultures around the world, and if it weren't something amazing or at least decently good, would so many people really be using or drinking it? I don't think so, but the facts are simple. Green tea leaves have been said to have been boiled in water to make a healing beverage for up to five thousand years, a trend that originated in China and India finally made its way to the United States fairly recently, in the grand scheme of things. For many years the Asian culture has used various forms of tea as not only a traditional sort of thing in their culture, but for its amazing health benefits.

Explaining the Product

The primary three forms of tea are all derived from the same plant, this plant is called the Camellia Sinensus, and it is found primarily in Asian countries. The three variations of teas that come from this plant are called green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. Green tea is considered the healthiest form of the tea, and their variations come from the preparation of the plant itself. Green tea itself is completely pure and not fermented when it's being processed. Studies have been done around the worlds that have shown great benefits with this form of preparation.

The Plus Side

Most recently, the studies have led us to believe that green tea can aid in preventing cancer through the use of powerful anti-oxidants as well as regulating many bodily functions from things like flatulence all the way to things such as blood sugar levels or blood pressure. It's also even shown to regulate the body's temperature and improve cholesterol. Perhaps the most shocking of facts, this tea is even said to improve cognition. All of these things combine can help to fight common illnesses and even heart disease. By boosting your immune system and cleansing your internal organs green tea can help your body even when it comes to fighting off infections. Overall this tea is not only relaxing and tasty, but it is great for your body.

How It's Served

For most, green tea is served warm or hot, and most often added to with the use of honey or sugar, but more recently people have been known to drink it cold and many companies are marketing as a cold product rather than a hot one.

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