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Foat Design Yoga Clothing
Posted by Administrator on 12/23/2011 to Shopping
Hello Yoga Friends,


We currently have a sale going on all Foat Design Yoga Clothing!

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About Foat Design

Foat Design is a small, independent business, created and run by twin sisters, Kaja and Zo Foat. We are faithful students of yoga, and are trained Jivamukti Yoga instructors. Our two complementary lines-- Foat Couture, and Urban Yoga Wear--grew out of clothing that we created for ourselves while pursuing yoga training in New York. With working backgrounds in art and fashion, the idea of making our clothing available through an earth-conscious business came to us naturally. We opened the Foat Design Studio in Minneapolis in 2002, and have been growing steadily ever since.

As a company,
Foat Design
is dedicated to making durable, functional, and stylish products specifically for those who want to maintain a healthy, earth-conscious lifestyle coupled with a modern, urban life. Our designs move comfortably in yoga class, and make a fashion statement on the move.

We are sweatshop free. All products are custom manufactured locally to ensure a high standard of quality, maintain the integrity of our designs, and to support the workforce of our community. Many items are one-of-a-kind and all items have a short run, meaning fabric and color may change often. We research and select the best materials we can find to design attractive clothes that are easy to maintain and have the least amount of harm on the earth.

Our mission at Foat Design is to protect the earth by reusing, revamping, and rediscovering. We'd like to think of ourselves as apparel salvagers and pioneers in recycling clothes and fabrics. We move away from mass production and toward individuality. We encourage people to be as dedicated as we are on cutting down on waste.

We treat each item in the Foat Couture line as its own individual task. We re-construct clothing by making pockets out of cuffs, dresses out of sweaters, skirts out of blouses, etc., and therefore produce one-of-a-kinds. This is why this brand is sold in specialty stores. Our Urban Yoga Wear is made from materials with the highest count of natural fibers and a smaller percentage of elasticity to keep its shape and comfort. Both our lines have American standard sizing: Extra Small (0-2), Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14). All items are handmade to perfection. Although we work as fast as we can, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your order.

It is no surprise that many of our earth's resources are being threatened by the actions humans have taken and continue to take. Each time you choose a product that is environmentally conscious, you make a difference.






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