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Choosing the Right Yoga Mat
Posted by Administrator on 4/5/2011 to Shopping

Yoga is a wonderful and popular exercise that requires very little equipment and virtually no room to perform. One of the only things that a yoga practitioner needs - especially if he or she is going to take a formal yoga class - is a yoga mat. The mat will provide a comfortable, cushioned surface.

Yoga students will be able to choose from several different kinds of mat - the cotton mats (also called shiatsu), sticky mats, travel mats, and ultra mats. Choosing the right yoga mat depends mostly on the practitioner's individual preferences as well as their budget.

The cotton mats help to keep the practitioner from sliding and other undesired movements during their exercises. They are soft and comfortable - far more so than sitting on a wooden floor.

Sticky mats are so named because they provide the yoga student with great traction, not to mention an ample amount of cushioning. They are thin, roll up easily, and are easy to transport to and from yoga class.

Travel mats are extremely thin and do not provide the cushioning that the other types of mats have. However, they are easy to take along with you when you go on vacation because of their small size and weight. These work best on carpeted floors since they have no real cushioning of their own.

Ultra mats are very similar to sticky mats - they are simply thicker and have extra cushioning. This may be desirable for some yoga practitioners. Fortunately, the extra bulk of the ultra mat does not greatly hamper the ease of transportation associated with the sticky mats.

With all of the different types of yoga mats available, choosing the right yoga mat that suits you, your budget, and the type of yoga you do is easy.

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