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3 Common Mistakes by Yoga Newcomers
Posted by Administrator on 3/20/2011 to Yoga

It is very natural to have the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety of the unknown when we do something for the first time. More often than not, these feelings are totally unfounded and they tend to disappear as fast as they came. However, it never is the same for all cases and a simple thing can make someone develop a very unenthusiastic first impression. This may cause one to dislike intensely never wanting to try that activity or past time again.

For instance, despite the fact that Yoga has proven health benefits, new Yogis tend to make some common mistakes on their first day which make them hate the practice forever. Following are the three most common mistakes, and how they can be avoided for one to reap maximum benefits of Yoga.

First common mistake is not being able to identify what you want to attain from practicing Yoga. Start by asking yourself what attracted you to Yoga, set attainable goals which may be either mental, physical or spiritual. Discuss with your instructor about your goals which will assist the instructor train you towards achieving the same. Only when you know what you want to attain will you be able to select the most suitable style of Yoga you would want to practice.

The second most common mistake is beginners would always want to start their practice with a 12 month stage by stage class. The classes are normally very educative but chances are you may end up choosing a class that is not perfect for you. Normally, one pays for the classes upfront then progresses up the levels as the weeks go by. It is advisable that you first start with a drop class, commonly known as Yoga beginner class. The beginner classes give one an in-depth feel of the different types of Yoga. Since people join at different times, the instructor is able to tame the class as they progress.

An advantage of these classes is that there are very minimal, if any, financial outlays as one decides which style and type of yoga works best for them. Similarly, one is never obliged to attend the classes hence there won't be any financial losses or any chances of missing out on important lessons. Whereas you can miss out a lot if you absconded classes for two weeks in a row for the long course, with this course, you start where you left. The classes are pay-as-you-progress types unlike the one off payment of the 12 month classes.

The final mistake, and which is very critical is selecting the wrong teacher. Like any other profession, there is a huge difference of what one achieves depending on the skills and the abilities of their instructor. Before beginning a class, check on your instructor's background, experience and qualifications. A wrong choice of an instructor may even lead to one having sports injuries which otherwise may have been avoided.

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